AMC 102 Protocol


As a participant in the AMC 102  study it is required that your institution be monitored by the IROC Houston.

• Please complete and submit a on line demographics form.

• Each institution will receive OSLD for their megavoltage photon beams.

• Submit the machine output calibration for each megavoltage photon beam as per AAPM TG-51 protocol or IAEA TRS 277 or 398 protocols.

• Submit sample brachytherapy source assay document plus a copy of the manufacturer source certificate.

• Provide standards lab (SSDL or ADCL) calibration certificates for the ion chamber and electrometers used in the calibration of the reference beam output for the external beam RT and for the brachytherapy chamber and electrometer used in source assay.

External Beam Radiation Therapy:

Please submit the following:

• Complete Case Report Form (CRF)

• Portal Films

• Daily treatment records

• Treatment plan including isodose distribution through the center of the treatment volume

• Beams Eye Views of each field

• All dosimetry calculations

• A completed online External Beam Summary Form


Please submit the following:

• Complete Case Report Form (CRF)

• Simulator films (include magnification factors), digitally reconstructed radiographs(DRRs), CTs, MRIs or US images with applicator in-situ for each intracavitary placement. If providing DRRs please provide an AP and Lateral view in order for us to be able to determine point A and B dose. Please see the file linked here which explains exactly what views are needed in order for us to be able to determine the bladder and rectal doses.

• Treatment plan to include source activities, dwell times, dwell positions and isodose lines

• A completed online Gynecological Brachytherapy Protocol Compliance Form

Data Submission:

• Submit all data directly to the AMC Operation & Data Management Center:

  AMC ODMC address:

  401 North Washington St
Rockville, MD 20850
United States

There are several different methods that data can be sent:

• A hard copy of the data can be sent via snail mail or converted to pdf and emailed to the AMC.

• CTs, MRIs and US images can be burned to a CD and FedEx or can be sent electronically through the IROC Houstons ftp site.

• If films are taken for brachytherapy they can be sent via snail mail or electronically as long as a magnification factor can be determined. Without a magnification the IROC Houston is unable to perform a recalculation of brachytherapy dose.

If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact: Jessica Lowenstein
Phone number:  713-745-8989
Fax number:     713-794-1364

IROC Houston Email Address:

Website Address: