Dosimetry Group



The primary function of the dosimetrists at the IROC Houston is to verify the reported doses for patients entered onto national clinical trials for the various study groups. The dosimetrists also participate in various credentialing activities, protocol review and benchmark case reviews.

A dosimetrist is assigned to one or more study groups and is responsible for resolving any dosimetry problems found during review of patient's treatment records with the specific institution, coordinating chart reviews with the study group, attending study group meetings, reviewing protocols in development, and acting as a liaison between the IROC Houston and each study group.

In addition, IROC Houston dosimetrists assist in the development and coordination of the credentialing process, including performing the actual dosimetry calculations necessary for credentialing institutions for participation on certain protocols. The dosimetrists participate in the remote anthropomorphic phantom QA program. The dosimetrists also help with the OSLD/TLD program by checking sessions and final reports.