Phantom Services Group


The IROC Houstonís Phantom Team consists of two medical physicists and three physics assistants. Together they ensure that the IROC Houstonís phantom program runs smoothly. The physics assistants oversee the mailing, loading and unloading and upkeep of over 60 phantoms. They process phantom requests, make sure OSLD/TLD are read, and scan the film. They are the first contact for people requesting or receiving phantoms and are able to answer many basic questions about the phantom process. In addition to their phantom work, the physics assistants answer credentialing questions; commission new batches of film; make quality assurance measurements on our film densitometer; and process, scan and analyze film from IROC Houston visits

The medical physicists analyze the phantom results, determine whether the irradiation meets the credentialing criteria, and issue the report detailing the results of the phantom irradiation. In instances where the irradiation does not meet the criteria, the IROC Houston medical physics contacts the medical physicist at the institution to discuss the results and to investigate ways to improve future irradiations.