The IROC Houston has changed to Optically-Stimulated Luminescence Dosimetry


The IROC Houston has recently migrated to OSL dosimetry for the remote verification of standard calibration of radiotherapy units. This change took place on June 1st 2010, although most users of IROC Houston services wonít be affected until they receive their regular annual audit.

We will continue to read the TLD dosimeters you might already have on hand as long as they are irradiated before August 1st and arrive at the IROC Houston no later than September 1st.

After September 1st, we will request that any TLD dosimeters be returned to us, and they will be replaced with OSL dosimeters.

The setup and blocks for irradiation are similar to those used in the TLD program. In fact, we donít expect users to be aware of the change at all. However, the only change required in the irradiation procedure is the irradiation dose.

OSL dosimeters will require a dose of only 100 cGy.
Please pay attention to this change.

Because the OSL dosimeters are reusable, we are asking users to irradiate and return the dosimeters promptly so that they can be annealed and used again.

The IROC Houston has performed extensive tests and commissioning of the dosimetry system and has high confidence in its performance. For more information click here.