Intact Cervix Atlas Project


Directions for Contouring

Please contour:

1. Uterus and cervix as one structure (what you would treat if treating IMRT)

2. Vagina/parametrium as one structure

3. Please do not contour the nodal regional

Please label each contour followed with your initials at the end (i.e. uterus_JL). This way we know who has submitted contours and if there are any questions we know who to ask.

Please contour on the CT set initially, we will send out the MRI set two weeks afterward and will have you contour on that set then.

Please up load the 2 CT DICOM data sets into your treatment planning system. The following are the two cases:

1. Case 1 40 yrs. old with stage IB2 cervical 6 cm cervical lesion - no parametrial/vaginal or side wall involvement

2. Case 2 36 yrs. with IIIB disease 5-6 cm cervical lesion with right pelvic wall involvement

Please up load the 2 MRI DICOM data sets into your treatment planning systems to contour on them. The following are the two MRI cases:

1. Case 1 is called

2. Case 2 is called NRG-Atlas^

Once you have completed you contouring please upload the DICOM data to the IROC Houston FTP site. Click here for directions. Please upload the contours with your name on the file. Once you have submitted the data please email IROC Houston at and in the subject please write NRG Intact Cervix Atlas so that we are aware that the data is available.

If you have any questions please contact Jessica Lowenstein at 713-745-8989 or