AAPM TG-51 Calibration Protocol


Since the publication of the AAPM TG-51 calibration protocol the IROC Houston has taken an active role in providing the medical physics community with the necessary information to clarify areas in the protocol where physicists may have problems. At the beginning of the year 2000, IROC Houston launched special efforts to make the switch to the new protocol as smooth and accurate as possible.

Prior to implementing the switch to TG-51, the participating institutions were requested to measure, furnish the changes in beam outputs caused by the switch to the IROC Houston. The cases showing unusual beam-output changes were resolved via phone and fax after comprehensive review of the institutionís detailed calculations.

Through numerous phone calls, seminars, publications and this TG-51 protocol website page, the IROC Houston physicists have been the engine behind a conversion of 77% of the IROC Houston monitored institutions to the new protocol. See the graph on the right.